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Its the Brooklyn Way

I surprised my family when I landed at JFK airport, heading to Queens. Being raised here, I know NYC unlike most people & seen it evolve and dissolve as well.  The world knows it as the concrete jungle, but love grows here furiously. While everyone is trying to live in the dog eat dog world we meet NYC Clothing designer of 19 Diamonds Naweh Renee who’s goal is to not only create “more than streetwear it’s a lifestyle.” Fashion. She is cultivating pop-ups and events that bring together Brown entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and network in a world that wants to keep us down. The 2nd annual pop-up shop line-up was fantastic. With many owners displaying clothes, jewellery, beauty, and food, it showed that everyone could have a seat at the table and eat. Going on in downtown Brooklyn supporters came from all over to come and show support.

The vendors were; @belbouchecosmetics with vegan lip gloss in 14 flavours , @shakieraa_ with Juice by Kiera that is sure to have you dancing, @danish__ who cooked up some delicious food for all to enjoy, @polishmepoised with some beautiful waist beads & gold jewellery, @doughnutsnyc with a fun twist on making dough with clothes , @tdaapparel who sported superhero-themed melanin clothing , @amerikandreaminclothing who also had melanin inspired clothing , and last but not least the curator of this fun-filled event @xixdiamonds.

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Melissa Philippe, or Mel, is the founder and creator of Da Modern Mama. An organisation built around the advocacy and support for POC maternal health. After being an English educator for 8+ years, Mel decided to devote her time to being a speaker and advocate for women of colour. With degrees in English, Writing and literature while being a doula and certified Montessori educator and an Adult and Child Psychologist focused on development and neuroscience. It's allowed her to learn from both sides of the fence and use the same practices in our family. Melissa is also a multi-award-winning author, writer, educator, parent coach, and keynote speaker. - Melissa Philippe (Laura Valentine)

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