Doing hair in the morning is often the only reason I would stay in bed longer. Knowing I have to detangle these curls, moisturise and style?! Oh goodness. Then adding on an infant who is learning to walk makes the process a constant race between my hair drying out and our daughter making her way to eat paper.

I’ve always had bald hair cut, and having hair has changed my morning routine intensely. I’m not wig savvy (they always seem to come with so many directions), and then LUVME entered my life. It has changed my perspective on having wigs forever.

As you’ve noticed, head-bands wigs have been gaining a ton of popularity again, but this time they’re reinvented. LUVME has created different headband wigs that are luxury quality and easy to use! It’s genuinely dummy-proof ( for people like me who can’t be bothered – Especially my mom, who loves wigs, stole my wig to wear to work for a few days and couldn’t wait to tell me about all the compliments she received.

Being a mom sometimes means a curly bedhead or a week old wash-n-go, or worse, a dried out ponytail. Doing our hair doesn’t have to be a full-time job alongside being a homemaker. Hair can be fun, easy and versatile, and LUVME hair provides just that kind of support and ease.

When you order a headband wig in their packaging, you will receive it in a luxurious box, with how-to-care instructions, five free and cute headbands, and an edges brush (which had to be my favourite thing) two wig caps, and your wig neatly and nicely packaged. It’s fluff and goes process, and you don’t have to worry about lace, glue or anything. It’s the definition of put on and go, and we know how crucial that is for us moms.

If you are interested in purchasing your Headband wig from LUVME, definitely check out their website and leave a review if you loved it (which you will)

If you want my specific hair wig you’ll find it here – If you decide to purchase make sure to use my special discount code:  Laura23 for 23% off your entire order!

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Melissa Philippe, or Mel, is the founder and creator of Da Modern Mama. An organisation built around the advocacy and support for POC maternal health. After being an English educator for 8+ years, Mel decided to devote her time to being a speaker and advocate for women of colour. With degrees in English, Writing and literature while being a doula and certified Montessori educator and an Adult and Child Psychologist focused on development and neuroscience. It's allowed her to learn from both sides of the fence and use the same practices in our family. Melissa is also a multi-award-winning author, writer, educator, parent coach, and keynote speaker. - Melissa Philippe (Laura Valentine)

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