Research shows that introducing your baby to more flavours now increases the likelihood that they will accept and enjoy them later. Keep trying because it can take 10 or more exposures to a new food before a baby learns to like it.

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Avoid this common mistake

If your baby spits out new food, scrunches up their face, or turns away, don’t assume that they dislike it. Just try offering it again at their next meal—and the one after that. Be patient and trust that your baby can learn to like almost any food in time.

4 ways to help your baby learn to like new foods

  1. Offer as many foods as you can. Ignore your own food aversions when considering options for your baby. Be positive when they start to try it: “Yum, this is delicious!”
  2. Ignore time-of-day traditions. Don’t be afraid to offer broccoli for breakfast. Let your baby try selections from any food group at any mealtime. 
  3. Vary the textures. Familiarize your baby with various consistencies, such as pureed sweet potato, lumpy applesauce, slippery avocado slices, and small bits of soft bread.
  4. Let them make a mess. Give your baby the freedom to explore their food. This keeps them present and curious, and if they enjoy the experience, they’re more apt to like the food.

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Melissa Philippe, or Mel, is the founder and creator of Da Modern Mama. An organisation built around the advocacy and support for POC maternal health. After being an English educator for 8+ years, Mel decided to devote her time to being a speaker and advocate for women of colour. With degrees in English, Writing and literature while being a doula and certified Montessori educator and an Adult and Child Psychologist focused on development and neuroscience. It's allowed her to learn from both sides of the fence and use the same practices in our family. Melissa is also a multi-award-winning author, writer, educator, parent coach, and keynote speaker. - Melissa Philippe (Laura Valentine)

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